The chibchan languages

The chibchan languages

Autor: Quesada Pecheco, Juan Diego
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The chibchan languages

Relatively little is known about the languages spoken at the heart of the American continent, at least in the English-speaking (and hence most widespread) linguistic literature. The languages of Central America are more often than not regarded as residual languages of either Mesoamerica or Amazonia, the surrounding linguistic areas of Central and northern South America, respectively. Such an easy-going attitude shows not only the lack of a strong Chibchan linguistics tradition, but, especially, the need for an up to date, coherent, and modern linguistics-oriented description of this language family. This book offers a thorough presentation of the Chibchan family of languages, with data from all living members of the family, plus extinct Muisca.

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Año 1 ed., 2007
Editorial Editorial Tecnológica
País Costa Rica

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