El Salvador: War and health (Libro usado)

El Salvador: War and health (Libro usado)

Autor: Committee for Professional Health Workers
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El Salvador: War and health (Libro usado)

(Libro usado 107) Texto tomado de este libro: “Working with precious few primary sources the members of the Health Workers Association COPROSAL have produced a document of the immediate importance. The book deals with not only the general affects of the war on the health of the population but also looks critically at the health structure intended to guarantee health care for the majority of the Salvadoran people. It goes on to describe and evaluate the health system set up by the guerrilla forces in the liberated zones. Finally there is a clinical examination of the scorched earth strategy of the Salvadoran Government now underway in El Salvador. The ample testimonies used up to support this part of the analysis form a passionate and stunning part of the book. This is the first comprehensive account of the health situation in El Salvador as seen through the eyes of Salvadorians working in that area and is therefore a valuate text for anyone wishing to understand the reality of the Salvadoran people” 

Año 1984
Editorial Committee for Professional Health Workers
País El Salvador

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