Basic english syntax

Basic english syntax

Autor: Alfaro Murillo, Vilma
Código: 9977-67-712-3
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Basic english syntax

Authors: Berta Flores Mora, Vilma Alfaro Murillo. Basic English Sintax is an intermediate grammar textbook for university students of English as a second language, as well as a resource book for teachers of English. It constains detailed explanations on syntactic fundamentals indispensable to the process of learning English. The first half of the book includes the various forms of nominal structures and their functions, as well as the rules for subject-verb agreement in English. It also deals with the different kinds of adjectival and adverbial modifiers. The second half covers sentence patterns, coordination and subordination. Although the emphasis is on English structures, the relationship between syntax and semantics has also been taken into account. The exercises are, therefore, designed to challenge the students not only to identify, analyze, and reproduce the syntactic patterns but also to understand their semantic implications.

Año 2 ed., 2009
Editorial EUCR
País Costa Rica

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