The costs of default (libro usado)

The costs of default (libro usado)

Autor: Kaletsky, Anatole
Código: 0-87078-159-6
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The costs of default (libro usado)

(libro usado 502) The great international debt crisis, wich has made headlines over the last year or two, has receded back to the financial sections in recent months. If we are to believe financial editors and their sources, whether private bankers of government officials, the greatest threats to the existing international monetary network are now safely behind us. There were casualties (Continental Illinois, for one) and damages, of course, to bank earnings, to living standards in the debtor countries, and to the public treasuries of creditor countries, which have had to help directly with fresh loans and indirectly by adding to the resources of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. But there were no major defaults and no collapse. Given the dire warning of impending disaster that were so much in vogue when the crisis first broke, it is understandable that a self-congratulatory mood had broken out in the world`s financial centers... Nota: incluye tablas.
Año 1985
Editorial Priority Press Publications
País Estados Unidos

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